Services          (Become a part of our coaching and counseling team)                                  

  • Provides shared knowledge, experience and skills toward helping participants to grow parentally,
    professionally, and spiritually.
  • Offers mentoring sessions via teleconferences and hosting sessions in different areas
  • Provides a question or concern session on the website    ... click here

  • coaches single parents in accomplishing personal, professional and parental goals
  • develops and train single parents and leaders to coach other participants
  • provide a team of coaches for participants to select for their needs    ... click here

  • provides a database of professionals who renders counseling services, especially in the areas of depression,
    anxiety, panic attacks, stress, and family issues.  
  • provide a team of coaches for participants to select for their needs here    


Support Groups and Ministries
  • Creates support groups or ministries in homes, churches, and community organizations       
  • Enhances or strengthens existing single parents support groups and ministries here
  • Build a database to supporting churches for the single parent family here
Seeking Services for yourself, church, or organization
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