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As a participant of Spring, Inc.'s  Best Hairstyle
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Inc. or its affiliates are not liable at anytime for any
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Dr. Willie Mae
To enter, participants must…

1. Complete application below.

2. Submit photos and their category to admin@spring-inc.org.

  • On subject line of your email, type “Best Hairstyle2013”
  • Note: Only one hairstyle per photo. No switching of photos or categories once
    photos are submitted. Stylist cannot be in the photo. Head shoot only. Photos are
    posted once donation is received.

  • When submitting photos, name each photo the category you want.  For example.
    Photo1-Short&Sassy, Photo2-Twist,Braids,Coils, Photo3-ClipperCut1, Photo4-
    clipperCut2.  If you have any questions please call (252) 445-5258.

3. Send  donation  - $10 per photo/per hairstyle.
  • Note: Donation are non-refundable.
  • Payment Options: PayPal (Credit Card: MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American
    Express) or Mail-in Donation (Money-Order or Certified Checks are payable to
    Spring, Inc. PO Box 364, Enfield, NC. Memo: Best Hairstyle2013.  )

  • If submitting for more than one style or for more than one photo of the same style
    click here....

Winner receives…
- 2013 Trophy for winning category
- Announcement on Facebook, Spring’s website, and E-blast
- Acknowledge at Spring, Inc.’s 10th Year Anniversary Celebration in November 2013

How to win?
Make your donation and submit your photos early, before the voting being.
Voters will come from Facebook participants. So, tell your customers, family, friends,
and co-workers about it!! Get the most “Likes” and at least one comments. The most
‘Likes’ wins! Comments will be used when promoting the winner.

When voting begins and ends?

Voting starts September 30, 2013 and ends October 30, 2013 midnight.
Application for Competition
2013 Best Hairstyle Competition
more than one style
more than one photo
of same style

click here....
1. Short & Sassy
2. Natural & Loving It!
3. Twist, Braids, & Coils
4. Work that Weave!
5. Clipper Cut