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She Builds a Vineyard: A Single Parent's Transformational Journey is a spiritual
autobiography that exemplifies the struggle of a single parent who makes a stable life for herself and
her son, with God on their side.

Rev.  Dr. Hawkins parallels her life with the biblical story of Hagar and captures the dialogue between
God and Hagar as a single parent. She reveals her constant fight with God through the years of being
determined to succeed in life in her own way.  However, through faith and redemption, she gains divine
insights and directions to improve her life beyond her own efforts.          

Among many of her struggles, she reflects on her childhood   challenges, her son’s near death
experience, her battle with depression, obtaining support systems, lacking parenting skills, and her call
into ministry.  With God’s provision, she obtains social, financial, emotional, physical and spiritual

Finally, her story shows God gradually transforming her into a life of peace with herself, her child and
the world.  
Rev. Dr. Willie Mae Hawkins is a sought-after inspirational speaker, teacher, and preacher. She
facilitates and presents workshops, seminars, and conferences.  Learn more about the author...
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She Builds a Vineyard:
A Single Parent's
Transformational Journey
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She Builds a Vineyard
All single parents and others who seek hope for a
better life must read her story

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She Builds a Vineyard captures the life of a woman.  She aims to reach for the best…for herself, her family, and
the Kingdom of God.  She sets out to do her work vigorously. In order to succeed, she must be conscience of her
divine space of existence in the world.  As she rediscovers herself as God desires her to be, she understands she
first take care of her own well-being and maintain her balance…mind, body, soul, and spirit.  
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How to Establish
Spiritual Transformation in a
Single Parent Home
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How to Establish Spiritual Transformatin in a Single Parent Home

Many single parents have asked, "How can they balance thier lives as a single parent?",
"How can they better relate with their children?", and "How can they inititate God as the
center of their home?"

Dr. Willie Mae Hawkins offers a few suggestions by giving a brief understanding of
spiritual transformation, promoting leadership among single parents, upholding
Christ-centeredness in the home, and encouraging a special bond between the parents
and children. Even married couples with children will enjoy this book!

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Is it not the parent's duty to raise the child, which
include giving instructions on what, when, how and
why to do it?  Parents may call it training, the child may
call it 'nagging'.  

W. Rayvon Hawkins shares his experience being a
child trying to relate with his mother.   He uplifts the
pros and cons while offering advice to help children
relate with their mother, espeically a single mom.
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